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  • !FBI Warns US Private Sector To Cut Ties With Kaspersky
    An anonymous reader quotes CyberScoop:The FBI has been briefing private sector companies on intelligence claiming to show that the Moscow-based cybersecurity company Kaspersky Lab is an unacceptable threat to national security, current and former se…
    - 12 mins ago 19 Aug 17, 11:59pm -
  • !Google Warns Webmasters About Insecure HTTP Web Forms
    In April Chrome began marking HTTP pages as "not secure" in its address bar if the pages had password or credit card fields. They're about to take the next step. An anonymous reader quotes SearchEngineLand:Last night, Google sent email notifications…
    - 1 hour ago 19 Aug 17, 10:54pm -
  • !Microsoft Avoids Washington State Taxes, Gives Nevada Schoolkid A Surface Laptop
    theodp writes: The Official Microsoft Blog hopes a letter from a Nevada middle schooler advising Microsoft President Brad Smith to "keep up the good work running that company" will "inspire you like it did us." Penned as part of a math teacher's assi…
    - 2 hours ago 19 Aug 17, 9:49pm -
  • !Paul Allen Finds Long-Lost World War II Cruiser, the USS Indianapolis
    An anonymous reader quotes the US Naval Institute News:Seventy-two years after two torpedoes fired from a Japanese submarine sunk cruiser USS Indianapolis (CA-35), the ship's wreckage was found resting on the seafloor on Saturday -- more than 18,000…
    - 3 hours ago 19 Aug 17, 8:44pm -
  • !Should Plex Stop Allowing Users To Opt Out of Data Collection?
    Slashdot reader bigdogpete writes: Many users of Plex got an email that said they were changing their privacy policy which goes into effect on 20 September 2017. While most of the things are pretty standard, users found it odd that they were now not…
    - 5 hours ago 19 Aug 17, 7:34pm -

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